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Everyone needs this class.


Sat. Feb 11th
11:00pm - 1:00pm

$39.99 (Per person)


Sat. Mar 4th
11:00pm - 1:00pm

$39.99 (Per person)


Understanding your Camera I: The Basics 


Come learn all about your new camera in a relaxed environment with other like minded beginner photographers. If you've owned your camera for years, and still shoot in the full automatic mode, this class will benefit you too.


Now you have a digital, and you know that the images are going to be far superior to the ones captured by your point-and-shoot camera, we will make you confortable with these powerful cameras.


This class is for beginners to amateur photographers looking to gain a better understanding of the automated modes and features, as well as the manual control and capabilities, of your digital SLR or mirrorless camera.


Topics to include:


Is my camera set up correctly? Resolution - AF Modes - Using automatic functions, for shooting in a multitude of changing environments. 

Am I holding my camera properly? Explaining the various components of the camera, lens and camera accessories.

What do all of these letters and symbols on my camera mean? Covering the quick dial and basic set-up menus.

Learn the basics of photography - Composition, White Balance, ISO, Depth of Field, AF focus modes, etc...

Introduction to Aperture Priority & Shutter Priority.

Please bring your DSLR camera to this class. We will better be able to show you how to apply what you will learn.

Please call to book a seat. Coffee & snacks included.

This class is FREE with purchase of any DSLR camera from Camera Land




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