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EOS Discovery Day Basic 101:
Essential Functions of your EOS Camera



Sat. May 13th, 2017

Length of Session: 3 Hours  

$39.99 / person



Enter the world of the EOS digital SLR and learn about your camera and how to make great pictures. We will help you feel comfortable moving out of the "automatic" mode, so you can become more creative and really enhance your photographic expression.


You will see many examples of great photography and learn techniques to use to produce better imagery. We will also explore the different types of lenses and show examples of what they can do. Our Basic 101 Discovery Day class is part 1 in a module that focus' more on button location, terminology, and lens options that controlling how an image looks.

Photo By: Jeff Mantell

During this class you will:

- Learn terminology that is relevant to your camera.

- Become familiar with the button layout and operation of your EOS camera.

- Explore what the basic buttons and dials control and how they can affect your image.

- Customize the "My Menu" so that when that photographic moment presents itself, you can capture it.

- Experience Live View Shooting and learn how it can be used effectively.

- Learn how to care for your equipment so that you can get the most out of your investment.

- Learn all about Canon lenses and how a lens choice affects your image.

- Experience the full input to output solution that Canon has to offer with our EOS DSLR's and PIXMA printers.

- Have a first look at the software that came with your camera and see the benefits it has for your photography.

- Find out what additional resources that Canon has to offer you along your photographic journey.

Photo By: Jeff Mantell

Bio: Brandon Chin is a New York-based Technical Representative and Product Educator for Canon USA. He has forged a career after working for several commercial, wedding, and portrait studios, shooting both photography and cinematography. His biggest passion, outside of teaching, has been his work covering the National Hockey League as a photojournalist.


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