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Beyond Basic Photography

Beyond Basic Photography
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Amazing lecture, watch for more from Jim in 2019!

Beyond Basic Photography - with Jim Lennon

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This will be a full day event, including an outdoor location shooting session (weather permitting) ,and an informative 2.5 hour lecture.

Jim continues to be our most requested lecturer. Be sure to register early!

Jim teaches you a more interesting way to look at your potential subject,as well as the skills to capture them properly, leading to more interesting images.

Photo By: Jim Lennon

Photo By: Jim Lennon

Get the kind of images you dream of. Learn how to take control of the process of capturing images in the camera. The lecture will start out with studying images from professionals that had to get it right on film and will then quickly move on to making that happenwith today's digital cameras.

We will be covering usage of filters, creative color shifting, lens selection, cameras, digital and film alternatives.

There will also be a "gearbag" demonstration of equipment for getting the photo whether you are using a setup costing less than $1,000.00 or gear adding up to over $30,000.00.

This workshop is for anyone who is using a DSLR, or wants to learn how to use any brand of an interchangeable lens camera.

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