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Nikon DSLR Basic for D3100, D3200, D3300, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500 users. "What the heck do all these buttons do?"

The "Get Acquainted with your Nikon D3200/D3300/D5300/D5500" class is designed to help you become familiar with your new DSLR.

Topics such as the SCENE modes, an introduction to the creative shooting modes (P, S, A), white balance, ISO, focus control and settings, continuous shooting, lenses, using flash, and others will be covered in this class.

Most of the external buttons on the camera will be explained and discussed. We want you to know what the buttons mean and why you would use them in a particular situation.

General photographic tips will be included throughout the class; regardless of which camera you use, your photos will improve.

Bring your camera with a fully charged battery and any questions you may have to the class!

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