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Athlon Optics Midas CF and AL-Series Tripods

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Athlon Optics Midas CF and AL-Series Tripods

January 14, 2022

STURDY. STABLE. VERSATILE. 5 new tripods in Athlon's lineup cover any adventure from the most demanding PRS match, to a rugged mountain terrain hunt. The CF (carbon fiber) series includes 4 sizes to match support needs while keeping weight in mind. 10-layers of vibration-dampening carbon fiber and a robust ball head can support 33 to 88 lbs depending on the model. The budget-friendly AL (aluminum) series is perfectly suited to casual outdoor enthusiasts, bird watchers, or hunters needing a spotting optic tripod. Both the CF and AL series tripod utilize an arca-swiss style compatible mount, suitable for a wide range of accessories including arca rail equipped firearms.


The CF (carbon fiber) series is available in 4 leg diameters as indicated by their name. All CF models include a carrying case, molle-style leg wraps, a tripod hammock, a carrying sling, a shoulder pad to easily reposition your tripod, as well as optional spiked feet. Ideally suited to long range shooters, the ball head is compatible with arca-swiss style rails and accessories. Models range from $429.99 to $649.99 MAP


The AL series includes a carrying case and optional spiked feet. The AL28 features an adjustable center shaft to easily adjust the height to the users preference. This affordable tripod is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts or those looking for a dedicated spotting optic tripod.

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