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Take Your Lightroom Knowledge to the Next Level with Lightroom Tips and Tricks

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Take Your Lightroom Knowledge to the Next Level with Lightroom Tips and Tricks
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Have you wanted to:

• Use the new Tone Curve Panel when using selective masking but were not sure how to do it?

• Learn how to quickly create a Black & White image with one accent color.

• Need to correct ‘Blown Out’ highlights.

• Supplement Lightrooms ability to add a Stroke or any other adjustment to an image by jumping into Photoshop and returning the adjusted image.

These and other Hidden Tricks that you should be using every time you use Lightroom.

While most of Lightrooms powerful post-processing functions are apparent when selecting a tool, a panel, or a slider, there are many additional features and techniques which are available and often ‘hidden’.  In this class we will explore many of my most favorite and frequently used ones:

• Intersecting Masks

• Enhancing Details

• Use the ‘Exposé triangles

• Selective Resets

• Adding a selectable Vignette

• Adding Adjustment Layers

• Creating straight lines

• Breadcrumbs

• Color Grading

• Other new features

Some knowledge of Lightroom Classic is recommended if you are going to follow along with the workshop or you can sit back, watch, and learn how these tools are used.

Join us Tuesday morning May 9 at 10:00 am Eastern Time for a 2-hour workshop.

Instructor Alan Agdern.  Class CL011 – Fee $59.95

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