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Google reviews

Thanks goodness - now we have a long island camera store that can support the needs of professionals! Pro lighting support right on the walls. My studio - Concierge Photography by Alex M Wolff's Portrait Shoppe will go no place else on the island.
Alex Wolff
Excellent shopping experience, what a pleasure to deal with a pro, like Jeff, whom happens to be a photography expert...always the best and friendliest advice on photography, I highly recommend Camera Land and Jeff.
Owen Fuchs
I've been working with this store since they were in Manhattan. Knowledgeable staff, great gear, always ready to give non-biased opinion and advice. They tend to have gear that is currently still or already out-of-stock. And prices - on average they are 5-10% better then some other stores.
Joseph Krivoruk
Great store, great personnel. I have spent a ton of money there and am happy with every purchase. They do not try to sell you anything you don't want and do everything they can to make you happy. And by the way, the prices are competitive or better than the competition.
Barry Goldstein

Yelp reviews

Store is amazingly clean and organized, very bright and easy to navigate. As soon as I walked in I was greeted and helped by a friendly stafff member. He helped me find exactly what I was looking for (a very unique hard to find tripod part) and even let me test it to make sure it was perfect. Customer service was outstanding. I would recommend this place to anyone anytime.
Greg R.
Excellent service! I found Cameraland NY through the Fuji X-Forum when I was looking to buy an X-Pro 2. Not only did they have a much better deal than Adorama or B&H but the best of all is their very fast response on questions and personal attention. A delay in shipment (not their fault) was solved by upgrading to overnight shipping with no extra charge. Emails got answered within minutes and it seems this is one of the rare places were customer is still important. I highly recommend this place! I'm a professional photographer and will surely source from them in the future.
Jay R.
I made a purchase over the phone. Got a Tamron 70-200mm lens at a great price. The lowest I found for an authorized dealer. Their customer service is excellent. I recommend Camera Land for all your photography supplies.
Karla D.

Other reviews

I wish to write a strong commendation for Jeff Mantell. I have know him for at least 15 years and try to buy all my photographic equipment from him. He is a salesman extraordinaire. This is meant not as someone who could or would sell you the Brooklyn Bridge but because of the exact opposite. There have been many a times when I wanted to purchase a lens or camera body and Jeff would actively discourage me. " You don't need" or "It isn't compatible with the way you shoot" are frequent refrains from him. As to his knowledge of equipment, it is superb. He maintains connections and relationships with all the major manufacturers and not only knows all about presently available equipment but what is coming in the next six months. He will discourage a customer from purchasing something if he knows something better is coming and there are times when he will suggest getting something now because it is a better "buy". What can I say, he cares deeply about his customers, which is probably like me, they become great friends.
Jed Best
Jeff, Thank you so much for letting me know about this class at Camera Land. Olympus' tech rep Brian was terrific and the class was so informative. He is a keeper and you should absolutely have him again. Thank you.
Brenda Weissberg
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