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Using fill flash. When and why.

Fill Flash is a powerful tool.

Using fill flash to balance with the ambient light can provide more pleasant light on your subject.

The key is BALANCE.

When I was a kid, my Dad always told me that a photographer should have the sun behind his own shoulder, to light up his subject.

I often find that causes my subject to squint.

We don't want that!!

Using a dedicated flash on your camera makes it so easy to get perfect 'fill flash' photos outdoors,

blending your flash with the natural light.

Godox has a complete selection of flashes dedicated to almost any brand camera, at all price points.

These make it so simple to get great shots, in the most challenging light.

Our expert sales staff can demonstrate how you perfect fill flash pictures every time.

It was difficult to do before, yet now it's almost a 'no-brainer'.

Whether you place your subject with the sun behind them ( rim lighting ),

or you shoot with your subject in the shade, fill flash can be your best friend.

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