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RADIKL RS25b • Smart Rifle Scope

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RADIKL RS25b • Smart Rifle Scope

Building off of the legacy of the Revic PMR 428, the RS25b combines premium optics and next generation Revic ballistic technology into a deadly hunting weight package. Smaller and smarter than the competition, the RS25b brings serious long range hunting capability into a seriously compact smart scope.

On the surface, the RS25b is equipped with all the core, mechanical features long-range shooters demand. Within the scope is the Revic ballistic engine that delivers immediate shot-solutions when seconds count. Equipped with superior glass quality and state of the art Revic ballistics, the RS25b is the most complete, feature packed long range rifle scope available.

  • Onboard Environmental Sensor Suite
  • Micro OLED Data Display    
  • Digital Dial Turret Encoder
  • 3 - Turn Turret
  • Ballistic Data Ring (BDR) Compatibility
  • Revolution Indicator
  • Mechanical Zero-Stop
  • Adjustable Ambi-Throw Lever
  • Capped Windage
  • RH2 Reticle (FFP)
  • Illumination
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 4 - 25x Magnification
  • 50mm Objective
  • 34mm Tube
  • 13.2” Long / 38.7 oz.
  • 140 MOA Adjustment Range

We've invented and patented a novel way to convert the elevation turret adjustments into an exact digital signal to send to the ballistic engine within the RS25b.

When you dial the turret, the system calculates a real time ballistic solution.  Just dial until the display shows the target range - all the ballistics are done!

Calculations include base wind, vector wind, aerodynamic jump, earth-based effects, and spin drift. Simply dial to the range, hold for wind, and shoot.

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