Day 1

Day 1

January 22, 2020

Ok, Day 1 has arrived and off I went to to see friends, business associates and meet new and different people in search of new product, existing product I could grab on a deal and generally have the "SHOT Show experience".

Have to rewind a little as last night I snuck my first meeting in with Paul from Kowa. Kowa, as you all must know is known for their world class spotting scopes. They do not have anything new for 2020. We did pick up a slew of Kowa Binocular Deals to offer to you. Please give a call to discuss which would be best for you.

SV25-8 8x25mm Binocular or the SV25-10 10x25mm Binocular for only $84.99
SV32-8 8x32mm Binocular only $149.99
SV50-12 12x50mm Binocular only $219.99
BD32-8XD 8x32mm Prominar XD Binocular reduced from $425.00 to only $299.99
BD56-12XD 12x56mm Prominar XD Binocular reduced from $675.00 to only $499.99

Please give a call, 516-217-1000, to discuss Kowa Spotting Scopes.

This year I decided to work the show somewhat differently than I have in the past. I normally schedule meetings from the get go and never really have a moment to look around. So, this year my first meeting of the day was at noon (or so I had planned). This would have given me time to take a peek around. At 9:10 I received a call from Leica asking if they needed a search party for me. They had me down for 9 this morning, not Wednesday morning. I immediately turned around and off to see my Leica family. Not blood family, but better, chosen family. I've known most of these guys for decades and always enjoy seeing them. They had some exciting optics to share with me...

#40806 Geovid 8x42 3200.COM, #40807 Geovid 10x42 3200.COM & #40808 Geovid 8x56 3200.COM Rangefinder Binoculars

Features at a glance:

1. Precise repeatable rangefinding up to a true 3,200 yards – even on non-reflective targets in difficult weather and light conditions

  • 3 output formats: EHR, holdover and number of clicks
  • On board sensors give air pressure, temperature and angle readings.

2. Superior optical quality, sleek rugged design

  • German engineering, robust materials and the highest-quality optics for lasting value and a lifetime investment.

3. Leica Hunting app

  • Easily manage onboard menu and individual ballistics data
  • Connection to “Kestrel Elite” wind meter gives the ability to utilize “Applied Ballistics” solutions out to 3200 yards.
  • Silent and error-free data transmission to the Apple Watch via smartphone

Next was it's little hand held brother the  #40508 Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM

  • Improved performance up to 3,500 yards on all targets
  • Connects to the Kestrel Elite and the Apple Watch
  • Easily managed with the Leica hunting App
  • Most powerful, reliable rangefinding thanks to class 3R laser
  • Weather-proof robust sleek design

The release of this newer unit also lowered the price of the #40506 Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM to only $749.00

Then came the biggest surprise: PRS 5-30x56 Illuminated Riflescope

  • 6x zoom for flexible use during long-range sport shooting and competitions
  • 32 mrad (>100 MoA) adjustment range of the reticle in the first focal plane
  • Tool-free zeroing of the turret scales, onboard tool for “zero stop”
  • Extremely rugged, high-quality workmanship maintain mechanical and optical precision
  • Multi-turn elevation turret with rev indicator

It looks like they did their homework on this made in Germany scope and I for one hope that they continue on this path of high end Riflescopes. This fills a nice opening left by S&B's pull out on us and the other USA dealers they bailed on.

All in all a great meeting with Leica and a very exciting year ahead with these new optics.

I had a little while now before what was supposed to be my 1st meeting which now was my 2nd of the day so I took an hour to look around. I didn't see anything note worthy so off to Athlon I went. I have become somewhat friendly with these guys since we started working together a little over 2 years ago. Some players have come and gone but the guys at the top are the same and they've always made working together effortless and enjoyable. At the end of 2019 they discontinued MANY SKU's in they offerings (which IMO was a good decision. No brand needs an offering of binoculars at every $40.00 increment) and added a few nice additions. As I am sure you've already become aware of we jumped on a few of the discontinued items and posted them on our Specials Section.

The one change in presentation, but not in product, is now all of their optics that were always ED glass are now called UHD. No change in SKU #, no change in packaging. Just a name change. Not sure how I feel about this, however, greater marketing minds than mine are at work. Not a bad thing or a good thing, again IMO, just a thing.

We continue to sell more of their Midas TAC Riflescopes for 22 trainers and their scopes in general for PRS than any other brand. They give quality and value in all their offerings which is great.

Their new Ares 15-45x65 UHD - Straight & Ares 15-45x65 UHD -Angled Spotting Scopes  have removable eyepieces. There is a fixed 24 power eyepiece, with a MIL ranging reticle in it, available for only $149.99. This should be a home run. GREAT spotter and the option for a fixed reticle eyepiece and priced right. Way to go.

They've also released a great quality, but lower priced Argos 20-60x85 HD Straight & Angled Spotter priced at only $369.99

Featuring: HD Glass, Advanced Fully multi-coated, Rubber Armor, Rotating Tripod Ring.

The revamped Agros BTR Gen2 Riflescopes starting at only $379.99 for the 1-8x24 1-8x24 - ATSR5 SFP IR MOA IMO will be a top seller.

This family of rifle scopes featuring FFP and SFP models, True Precision Zero Stop, Fully Multi-coated Lenses, Direct Dial Elevation & Windage Turrets (Capped in 1-8x24), Illuminated Reticle, 30mm Tube.

Next stop was over at Konus. Until proven otherwise I still feel that Konus has the best entry level offerings in the industry. Not everyone is looking for $500.00 or $1,000.00 optics. Many guys want a dependable riflescope under $100.00 and a spotter for under $200.00 and Konus 100% is the go to.

I saw their new 5x-40x Night Vision Monocular, which for $299.99 will be a strong optic. No, this is not the greatest night vision, however, it's very good and in it's price class a real find.

  • 5x-40x magnification
  • Photo and video recording function
  • Daytime and nighttime use
  • Daytime vision in colour
  • PC connectable
  • SD-card for storing images
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Tripod attachment
  • Case included
  • Works on three AA batteries
  • Built-in illuminator for total darkness
  • Working distance: 200m – 220 yds

We also struck an AMAZING deal for you all on their #7122B KonuSpot-100 20-60x-100 Spotting Scope for only $199.99. This is a very affordable option in a quality range spotter.

  • Multi-coated optics
  • Rubber armored
  • Set/release screw for rotation
  • Quick peep sight
  • 45 degree viewing angle
  • Extendable sunshade
  • Includes the following: Table-top tripod, Camera adapter, Carrying case, Lens cleaning cloth

For the past year or so Vector Optics has been reaching out to us to carry their products. Jamie has kept communication open and regularly showing me that they care about connecting with a reputable retailer so how could I not set up a meeting and take a look? My "going into the meeting attitude" is this is another me too Pacific Rim company who OEM's from the same places as everyone else. Nothing new to see, but if the quality control is strong and their prices are lower it's worth knowing about.

While walking around during my free time between Leica and Athlon I noticed MANY Pacific Rim companies all offering the "same" products. As an astute individual posted the other day "These days all it takes to be an optics company is a suitcase full of money and a plane ticket to China". No reason to get involved with another "me too" company that may or may not have staying power. We've been in business since 1957 by taking our customers best interest to heart. Adding a no name start up is not in your best interest, IMO, so we will not be adding Vector Optics to our line-up. I wish them great success and perhaps in a few years, if they are still in business, we will revisit the idea of adding them.

Ending my leisurely first day was a meeting with Mike Jensen of GPO . GPO's been around a few years now but just doesn't get the recognition and support I feel they deserve. Great optics, great quality control, lifetime no worry about it warranty and nice packaging but still is not mainstreaming. I cannot figure out why. Anyone who has looked through one of their Passion HD Binoculars will agree it's right there with the best of the Alpha glass at a fraction of the price. We discussed GPO providing a few optics to pass around to forum members to test and review. I'll be reaching out once I am back to get this program rolling.

We did strike a deal for you on their R380 Passion 3X 6-18x50 - MOA Riflescope for only $499.99 (for a limited time).

  • The iControl™ illumination assures users that they always have a live battery when most needed.
  • Automatically powers down the illumination when the electronic module has been stationary for more than 3 hours
  • Offers bright, fiber optic technology
  • Alerts users when the battery has only 15% remaining battery life
  • Excellent eye relief
  • 1/4 MOA CCW rotation
  • Fast focus ocular
  • Metal turret caps
  • GPObright lens coating technology
  • Double HD objective glass technology

Now comes my daily gelatto cone, Strawberry Cheesecake. Medicinal of course to sooth my sore, from talking all day, throat.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you.  Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day.

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