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Shot Show Day 1 2024

Shot Show Specials

Shot Show Day 1 2024

January 23, 2024

Camera Land's SHOT Show Day 1 ReportWelcome to SHOT Show 2024 Day 1. This year is a bit different than years past as many brands do not have booths here this year. This will allow me the time to walk the show and perhaps find something new to enlarge our brand offering. More will be revealed once there's something exciting to reveal.I went to my first meeting with Athlon. I was looking forward to seeing my friend, and sales rep, Drake as it's been a few months since I've seen him. Part of the fun of SHOT is seeing the folks we speak to on the phone all year long.

We let you know about Athlons new line of Thermals a couple of months ago. So far the feedback has been very positive. They spec as good or better than the competition and cost less. Win Win on these thermals for sure.

Their new Cronus G2 7-42x60 UHD Reticle Spotting Scope has proven to be an excellent addition to the limited choices in reticle spotters.

Well made, great optics, 7-42x60 magnification with their TSSR FFP MIL Reticle.











If you want to spot with a reticle but prefer a binocular Athlon's got you covered with their new Midas G2 PRO 12x50 UHD Reticle Binocular. With it's Etched ATBR MIL reticle and priced at only $449.99 this binocular will be HUGE at the range. Expected delivery in March.

We had a great discussion on their Argos BTR GEN 2 Riflescopes. IMO, these scopes are not getting the recognition that they deserve. " The Argos BTR GEN2 family is great for those looking to get started in PRS or other long range shooting disciplines. This family of rifle scopes featuring FFP and SFP models, True Precision Zero Stop, Fully Multi-coated Lenses, Direct Dial Elevation & Windage Turrets (Capped in 1-8x24), Illuminated Reticle, 30mm Tube.." They are available in various power ratios from 1-8 thru to 10-40. Check Them Out For the price you will not find a better option.

Down the aisle was my next meeting at Element. MANY exciting things happening here for sure.In new Rangefinders.....

Helix 1500 Rangefinder - "The HELIX 1500 is not just any rangefinder. Despite its ultra-lightweight & compact form, this unit will present you with an accurate firing solution out to 1500 Meters, harnessing the full power of the integrated Ballistics Chip to factor in weather conditions, incline, spin drift and more. Create a ballistic profile on an app, send it across in seconds, and have the relevant data displayed on a crisp T-OLED Display.

"Titan 3K - "The TITAN 3K is not just any rangefinder. At the push of a button, this unit will present you with an accurate firing solution out to 3 Kilometers, harnessing the full power of the integrated Ballistics Chip to factor in weather conditions, incline, spin drift and more. The high-capacity 18650 battery ensures many hours of continuous use, and can be USB Charged on your way to the range.

"RF Module - "The Element Optics Rangefinder Module takes the concept of what a laser rangefinder should be and turns it on its head. Instead of using an optical viewfinder, this unit connects to your weapon system, and can be “zeroed” to your riflescope. This eases your workflow and enables you to range and engage your target without changing position. And it’s not just the range it will tell you; the RF Module will present you with an accurate firing solution out to 1000 Meters, harnessing the full power of the integrated Ballistics Chip to factor in weather conditions, incline, spin drift and more. Create a ballistic profile on an app, send it across in seconds, and have the relevant data displayed on the rear screen." This is a great addition to the shooting community for sure. Priced at $479.99 this will be a great addition for you.They also added binoculars to their offerings.... Their new Helix HD's are available in both 8x42 and 10x42. They have nice ergonomics but I feel they are another Me Too binocular. Priced at $489.99 they are worth the price but are more of the same in that price class.

Next up was Swarovski. I was curious for this meeting as our long time, and I mean loooooong time, Swarovski rep left the Optics Industry for the Fishing Industry so I have been working directly with my Swarovski customer service rep for the last few months. He's a great guy but sales is not his wheelhouse.As we reported in our Pre-SHOT Show News the new Swarovski AX Visio 10x32 Smart Binocular is a SHOT Show must see. "AX Visio: The first smart binocularsThe AX Visio is the perfect symbiosis of digital intelligence and high-performance sport optics. The high-precision binoculars with SWAROVISION technology deliver razor-sharp images with excellent color fidelity." I had the opportunity to check this out and I must say it absolutely deserves the phrase "cutting edge technology". No, this is not for everyone, however, everyone should check it out. Very cool. "Would you like to show your observation to the person next to you? Simply mark the animal or object you have observed with the "Share discoveries" function activated, pass the AX VISIO on and the AX Visio will show them where your discovery is by means of red arrow markings on the display." Very slick. Use this when going birding in a region where you've never been before, where you have no clue what birds are there and it can tell you what you're looking at. Kinda like a teaching aid.

Next cool new release is the Kahles NEW K328i - The groundbreaking K328i sets new performance standards with a pioneering new-generation optical design. It offers a 40 % wider field of view*, an exceptionally comfortable eyebox and 8x zoom with perfect optical performance across the entire adjustment range.Absolute precision, repeat accuracy and unique handling for maximum performance. Riflescope available with DLR elevation turret that is optimized specially for dynamic long-range competitions with an emphasis on speed.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

Revolutionary optical design with a 40% wider field of view* and an exceptional eyebox

8x zoom with perfect optical performance across the entire adjustment range

DLR Model: 100 clicks per rotation

DLR Model: Extra wide MIL line spacing for easy and fast reading

Windage adjustment on the left or right with TWIST GUARD rotation protection, patented parallax adjustmentintegrated in the elevation turret

Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and clearly defined clicks

Precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane

Next up was Leupold. First off, wow did they announce lots of new goodies......

182943 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M5C3 FFP PR2-Mil

182944 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M1C3 FFP PR2-MOA

176614 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M1C3 FFP Illum Gunwerks RH1 MOA

185066 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M1C3 FFP PR-1MOA Dark Earth

185067 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M5C3 FFP Tremor 3 Dark Earth

185068 Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M5C3 FFP PR2-MIL Dark Earth

176616 Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M1C3 FFP Illum Gunwerks RH1 MOA

185070 Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M1C3 FFP PR-1MOA Dark Earth185071 Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP PR2-MIL Dark Earth

185072 Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP Tremor 3 Dark Earth

185073 Mark 5HD 7-35x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP PR2-MIL Dark Earth

185074 Mark 5HD 7-35x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP Tremor 3 Dark Earth

185336 VX-Freedom 4-12x40 (1 inch) Hunt-Plex

183314 Mark 4HD 1-4.5x24 (30mm) M1C3 SFP HPR-1

183315 Mark 4HD 1-4.5x24 (30mm) SFP Illum. FireDot BDC

183316 Mark 4HD 1-4.5x24 (30mm) M5C3 SFP Illum. FireDot TMR

183737 Mark 4HD 2.5-10x42 (30mm) M5C3 SFP illum. TMR

183738 Mark 4HD 2.5-10x42 (30mm) M5C3 FFP Illum. TMR

183740 Mark 4HD 2.5-10x42 (30mm) M5C3 FFP TMR

183741 Mark 4HD 2.5-10x42 (30mm) M1C3 FFP PR1-MOA

183623 Mark 4HD 4.5-18x52 (34mm) M1C3 Side Focus FFP Illum. PR1-MOA

183624 Mark 4HD 4.5-18x52 (34mm) M5C3 Side Focus FFP Illum. PR1-Mil

183625 Mark 4HD 4.5-18x52 (34mm) M1C3 Side Focus FFP PR2-MOA

183626 Mark 4HD 4.5-18x52 (34mm) M5C3 Side Focus FFP PR2-Mil

183822 Mark 4HD 6-24x52 (34mm) Side Focus FFP PR2- MOA

183823 Mark 4HD 6-24x52 (34mm) Side Focus FFP PR2-MIL

183824 Mark 4HD 6-24x52 (34mm) M5C3 Side Focus FFP PR3-MIL

183969 Mark 4HD 8-32x56 (34mm) M1C3 Side Focus FFP PR2-MOA

183970 Mark 4HD 8-32x56 (34mm) M5C3 Side Focus FFP PR2-Mil

183971 Mark 4HD 8-32x56 (34mm) M5C3 Side Focus FFP PR3-MIL

184760 BX-4 Pro Guide HD 8x42mm Gen 2184761 BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm Gen 2

184762 BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x50mm Gen 2

184763 BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50mm Gen 2

Sorry just too many SKU's to hot link them all but if you go to our site each has a page with Specs and Description.These new VX4HD's are assembled here in the USA of all USA made pieces parts. I was impressed that every screw and spring etc is sourced here in the USA, awesome.Their new BX-4 Pro Guide HD binoculars come with 3 different eyecups that are easily swapped so you get the most comfortable eyecup for you. Nice feature. No price increase over the last generation and Upgraded coatings reducing glare.

These are made in Japan.There are 8 models of the Mark 5HD's available in FDEThey're also releasing 2 VX-Freedom 4-12x40 & 4-12x50 (1 inch) Hunt-Plex riflescopes, $349.99 & $399.99.If you look at Leupold as the Leupold of years back take a fresh look with an open mind and we think you'll be glad that you did. Great new products priced well for you to get quality and value.

We got a new Nightforce rep a few months ago and I've been looking forward to meeting him. I have to say he impressed me last week when we had a lost Fed Ex shipment that was coming into us containing a scope a customer was anxiously awaiting. He stepped up and got us one of that particular scope so the customer would get it ASAP and not have to wait for the Fed Ex disaster to be resolved. He is a personable, knowledgeable guy and I'm excited to work together with him. He showed me their new Configurable Field Spotting Scope (CFS) 6-36x50mm F1 - "The Configurable Field Spotting Scope (CFS) 6-36x50mm F1 was designed with practical field use in mind, with an emphasis on balanced ergonomics, flexible configurations, and refined optical quality, while maintaining the ruggedness Nightforce is known for.This first focal plane spotting scope features reticles that are adapted from the most popular riflescope reticles. The field-ready nature of the CFS 6-36 is reflected in the streamlined, compact, and straight design, which allows for convenient, snag-free storage and transport in, or on, a pack. The rubber knurling, 120° travel, and central location of the user controls aid in quick adjustments, while minimizing unnecessary movement and maintaining stability.Designed with configurability in mind, the Spotting Scope Accessory Cage and Spotting Scope Accessory Platform (s-RAP) provide reliable platforms for attaching thermals, night vision, red dots, laser rangefinders, data cards, and other devices, making the CFS 6-36 ideal for the professional user." Sleek and lightweight, wide FOV 6x at the bottom end, NF quality thru and thru, this is a nice addition to NF offerings.

In the world of Thermals Pulsar has been an industry leader for a long time. We've done so much with Pulsar in the last year that our rep got a promotion so today I was to meet our new rep. He seems like a good guy. Time will tell of course but he seems eager to work together to deliver the same level of customer service our last rep did. As I said to him, if he's half the rep our last one was he'll be better than most.Pulsar has their new Merger Duo NXP50 Thermal Binocular

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- Duo is for both Thermal and Nightvision. "Merger Duo NXP50 are innovative multispectral binoculars combining thermal and digital night vision imaging in a single unit and offering enhanced detection, recognition and identification capabilities. Merger Duo NXP50 acquires quality images in various wavelength spectrums (visible, near infrared and long-wave Infrared ranges) making it a truly versatile unit for observation at any time of the day under all weather conditions. Taking advantages of both technologies, Merger Duo makes it easy to find an object with thermal imaging, evaluate the terrain with digital night vision and identify clearly all the object’s smallest features and details with combined viewing modes."

Wow, just realized that all but 2 of my meetings I met a new rep. I have to brake these guys in so they know what we all expect of them and they know customer service is paramount.

I stopped by March and met with Mari. We are in talks to see if we can make this the year March works for us all. I also stopped by Riton, took a look and set up a meeting with them for tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens in tomorrow's report.

My last stop was over at Garmin to look at their Xero C1 Pro Chronograph. I think this may be our 1st new product addition for SHOT 2024.

Stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

Remember all week we are running a SHOT Show Week Sale thru the 29th. If there's something you're interested in and it's not marked down already call, 516-217-1000, and we will hook you up.I found my way over to the gelato place for a 2 scoop cone, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. Oh was that goooooood.

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