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Sightron announces S6 10-60x56 ED Target Scope series.

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Sightron announces S6 10-60x56 ED Target Scope series.

What makes the Sightron S6 10-60x56 ED FT so Good:

  • (2) ED Glass Elements added to the new optical design
  • A 55% increase in optical resolution over the current SIII 10-50x56 FT series
  • This makes it much easier to see your shots on target at the highest and mid-range magnifications
  • New Parallax Cam System with DCEC protection
  • The new system has 330º of parallax correction vs 267º in the SIII FT series
  • We created 91º of control in the critical 40-60yrd range vs 54º on the SIII FT
  • We added Dipoter Correction and Environmental Conditions (DCEC) protection into the cam system so it has room to adjust to your specific diopter correction or when conditions heat up and affect the accuracy of parallax target ranging. SIII does not have this.
  • Zact-7 Revcoat Plus Multicoating Technology
  • The proprietary materials and application process provide the highest possible light transmission, clarity, contrast, and color accuracy.
  • Results in dramatically reduced flare and chromatic aberrations or color fringing.
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • ExacTrack Erector Tube System
  • Reticle drift happens when the turret plunger engages the erector tube at an increasingly different position on the tube as you reach the more extreme click adjustments. This means a 1/8 MOA click at 15 MOA up is not same adjustment as it was at zero. The result is a score of 8 instead of 10x on the range.
  • ExacTrack fixes this by creating a single point of contact on the erector tube. This single point creates the same click adjustment value at zero as it does at 22.5 MOA up. 1/8 MOA has the same value at all adjustments.
  • Magnetic Wheel Bundle available
  • We partnered with Garima Design in Italy to build a magnetic parallax correction wheel to go with the new scope.
  • The owner is a world champion field target competitor and makes wheels for some of the best in the world
  • The magnetic design requires the user to mount a small hub to the parallax knob via tension screws that allows them to attach and remove the magnetic wheel in a second or less as they need it.
  • This is especially helpful when transporting your rifle or needing to make rifle adjustment on the line during a match.
  • Made in Japan in the Sightron Factory

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